Four ways emerging pharma companies can launch and scale content faster

by Stephen Riddle

An unexpected benefit of healthcare professional (HCP) engagement going digital in 2020 is that sales teams have more opportunities to spend quality time with doctors.

Compared to traditional, face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings extended the amount of time HCPs were able to spend meeting with reps from an average of three minutes to 19 minutes.

While the chance to engage in more meaningful conversations with doctors is a positive step for sales teams, marketers are under significant pressure to meet the growing demand for greater volumes of content to be produced at a rapid pace.

Understanding that scaling content creation at speed can be a challenge for emerging companies, in this eBook, Veeva recommends four key steps to help begin the process of building a long-term content foundation that can scale with their business as it matures:

  • Establish a single source of truth for all content stakeholders
  • Fast-track medical, legal, and regulatory reviews with automation
  • Optimising channel mix for maximum impact
  • Measure performance and adjust content strategy as needed

Building efficiencies into content workflows early on will help companies to scale more efficiently using new approaches, such as modular content, now or in the future. This is particularly useful for fast-tracking content creation and approval, in addition to achieving the ultimate goal of personalised content.

Read the How Emerging Pharma Can Launch and Scale Content Faster eBook from Veeva in full.

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