Four Manufacturers Received Notice from FDA to Stop Selling Their Vaping Products

by Ernest Thomas
Four Manufacturers Received Order from FDA to Stop Selling Their Vaping Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is insisting four companies to top-selling flavored vaping products, including hookah. As per the federal agency, those tobacco companies are selling the products illicitly. The decision arrives as the FDA tries to combat the use of e-cigarette among teens. On Thursday, the agency has issued legal notices to all the four companies. The list includes Hookah imports Inc., Vapors LLC, Liquid Labs USA LLC, and V8P Juice International LLC. Now the tobacco companies have to reply to the letters within two weeks. The agency noted, failure to improve the offenses may lead to higher action like judicial or seize orders.

The fed agency gained control to manage all tobacco products in 2016. After that, in 2017, the agency decided to impose the legal measures on all vaping materials in 2022. But FDA’s ex-commissioner Scott Gottlieb, ordered to minimize the time and set 2021 as a deadline. Now the FDA has a right to regulate all tobacco products available across the U.S. markets. While the agency says, the companies are selling products that they had launched after the filing date of the rule. As per the regulation, a company needs to gain FDA’s approval to sell its product after the effective date. As a result, e-cigarettes and vaping products are widely available in the market.

Recently, a federal judge has ordered the FDA to introduce a ten-month deadline on e-cig manufacturers. In that time, the companies have to gain permission from the agency to market their products. Norman Sharpless, the current FDA Commissioner, said the action proves they will continue to monitor the companies closely. They will see whether tobacco companies are following the rules. Even more, the agency aims to take action whenever they find any company breaching the law. He also noted selling of illicit tobacco products is distressing because it has boosted vaping epidemic in teenagers. On the other hand, the agency is probing more than 100 reports of people diagnosed with neurological disorders. Still, it is unclear whether e-cigarette vaping is liable for the emerging cases of seizures and other neurological events.

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