First Ever Evidence of Underwater System on Mars Are Found

by Ernest Thomas
Underwater System on Mars

Mars was not a barren land, studies say that there was overflowing water on the planet before hundreds of years. This water got retreated under the surface eventually. Scientists have now found the evidence for a huge underwater system on the red planet. Mars Express Orbiter of European Space Agency and some Mars geologists have revealed about this. This study explains the water history of Mars which will be helpful in future Mars missions. A spacecraft that was launched in 2003 revolves around Mars constantly. It has been fitted with many cameras of high resolution for taking the images of craters in the Martian surface on Mars. The researchers and scientists at the University of Utrecht studied these images deeply to find out about the signs of water which may have flowed there some time.

The findings were published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. The images that researches studied show the sign that there was the flowing water in huge amounts on the red planet. This water was locked about 4,000 to 5,000 metres below the sea level of mars. A spokesperson said in the press release that Mars used to be a totally watery world. As the climate on Mars changed, the water retreated below the surface. The images taken on Mars show many features like presence of shorelines, terraces created by standing water, evidence of sapping valleys which were caused due to erosion, etc. The researchers also said about evidence of deltas.

Each crater displayed some remnants of water activity. The researchers say that all the craters would probably be connected by the same underground system of water. This evidence isn’t enough though, but the signs of water are definitely there. A project scientist with Mars Express, Dmitri Titov said that such findings are very important and promising for knowing about the life on Mars. The scientists also believe that Mars may have water somewhere. The scientists say that finding life on Mars will be the focus of all the future missions.

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