First Case of Polio Diagnosed in Malaysia After More Than 25 Years of Eradication

by Helen Gonzales
First Case of Polio Diagnosed in Malaysia After More Than 25 Years of Eradication

Polio has trapped an infant in Malaysia. Reportedly, it is the first case reported in the Asia-Pacific country in nearly three decades. As per health officials, a baby boy from Borneo island in Malaysia’s Sabah state is the latest confirmed case of polio. Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, Director General of Health Datuk, said the baby had been diagnosed with polio on Friday. As per his statement, the infant was admitted to the ER room after having high fever and weakness in muscles. The executive also noted that currently, the facility is curing the patient in a separate ward. Fortunately, the baby’s health is stable now, but it needs help for breathing.

Polio is an extremely contagious disease that takes place due to poliovirus. The condition is preventable with some doses of injectable vaccines and oral drops. But, as of today, health agencies across the globe do not have medication to treat this highly contagious disease. Usually, polio spreads via polluted food and water. The virus affects the nervous system of the patient, along with the spinal cord. Well, in some cases, the disease can lead to the death of the patient. From the past thirty years, the entire world has made boundless paces while fighting against polio. According to the reports of the WHO, only 33 people across the globe were diagnosed with polio in 2018.

On the other hand, polio had been eradicated from Malaysia, around nineteen years ago, in 2000. Besides that, in 1992, the last case of polio emerged in the country. The latest diagnosis of the highly contagious disease arrives following the Philippines. The nation has a common sea border with Sabah, and the emergence of the first polio case occurred there in September. Reportedly, the poliovirus re-emerged in the Philippines after around twenty years of eradication. Dr. Noor said the test reports have revealed the Malaysian kid has inherited the strain which has generic links with the virus found in the Philippines. He noted, this first case likely is the tip of an iceberg, and there is a high probability of an increasing trend.

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