FDA Criticized Purell Over Claiming Its Products Can Avoid Flu or Ebola

by Ernest Thomas
FDA Criticized Purell Over Claiming Its Products Can Avoid Flu or Ebola

Officials from the US FDA have issued a letter to GoJo Industries, manufacturer of Purell hand sanitizers. The federal notice warns the Ohio manufacturer that its marketing practices are breaching federal regulations. The company touts its hand sanitizers can kill 99.99% of most common bacteria that may lead to various diseases. Besides, Purell even claims of offering protection against VRE, Ebola, and MRSA. Even more, the FDA letter has discovered baseless statements over all the web portals of Gojo and Purell. Claiming to offer such intentional use would nominate Purell hand sanitizers as a new medication. The FDA also said that Purell’s products contain alcohol, and such products lie under another drug category. The federal notice states the FDA could classify the products as an unapproved range. Even more, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act do not permit selling unauthorized drugs.

Thus Purell should stop making fake statements regarding its products. Purell is considerably the most well-known hand sanitizer across the US. But its assertion of using alcohol for the reduction of avoidance of disease is not ok. It also means that the company is deploying an illegal drug. Nicholas Lyons, director of compliance at the FDA, noted, currently, the FDA has no idea of any acceptable and well-managed trials indicating that killing bacteria on the skin can lead to a clinical reduction in illness caused by such virus. The executive added they have had not noticed any proof revealing Healthcare Advanced Hand Sanitizer of PURELL as developed and tagged are usually granted by qualified experts as reliable and efficient to use under the circumstances recommended or given in their labeling.

Apart from this, the letter notes seven cases that reveal the baseless marketing language of Purell. The statements imply that the hand sanitizers can prevent illness from pathogens like norovirus, VRE, influenza, Ebola, and Candida auris. In the end, the letter determines that it is Gojo’s role to ensure that it obeys the rules of the FDA. Also, it includes that the notification might not cover all violations of the company.

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