Facebook Launched a New Tool Which Will Recommend Users for Tests and Vaccination

by Stephen Riddle
Facebook Launched a New Tool Which Will Recommend Users for Tests and Vaccination

From today, Facebook will allow users to select to get customized reminders about medical tests and vaccines. The social network giant has launched a new Preventive Health tool. It targets on gaining people data regarding cancer screenings, heart checkups, and flu vaccines. The latest feature could luckily assist people in catching fatal conditions long before they become dangerous. The so-called new “Preventive Health” tool is available for Facebook users across the US. It seizes the age and sex of a user from their Facebook profile. Depending on the two information points, the functionality offers a list of advised tests to a user. Facebook has partnered with the American College of Cardiology, the American Cancer Society, the CDC, and American Heart Association to develop the tool with the latest, precise resources and data.

The head of healthcare research at Facebook and cardiologist Dr. Freedy Abnousi, said they have considered number-one and number-two killers in the US. He also added, apart from this, they are looking for seasonal illness, mainly flu. Dr. Freedy noted that the major concern that they are attempting to tackle is to ensure that people have all the information in hand in a user-friendly way. He added when he surmises regarding the new tool; he imagines his father. The executive noted his father had a long-term blood pressure issue. Thus, a tool like Preventive Health could assist users in managing their health, including cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

From now, Facebook will actively prompt its users to get flu shots at the most vulnerable season of the year. Users can figure out which screenings, like cholesterol tests or mammograms, are suggested for them. Apart from this, the functionality will assist users in finding nearby places related to healthcare like pharmacies, medical stores, etc. It seems like; the company does not have a way to verify whether a user has already received a flu vaccine. So it may run the risk of overflow and additional reminders. Besides, it will require more effort to avoid redundancy. CDC’s Nancy Messonnier said new tools like this would enable users with instant access to resources and data they require to become a flu fighter in their regions. Even more, the company has announced that it will add more agencies and expand its functionality in the future.

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