Facebook is Removing Misleading Ads on HIV Preventive Medication

by Stephen Riddle
Facebook is Removing Misleading Ads on HIV Preventive Medication

Finally, Facebook is taking out some fake and misguiding ads regarding HIV prevention drugs following public complaints. The social network giant had published various posts from personal damage advocates asserting that the medication could impose harm to kidneys and bones. But, in reality, the drug stops the virus from spreading. Apart from this, many trials have revealed that the medication, as known as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), is reliable and effective.

In the beginning, Facebook had denied to remove the ads and said those campaigns did not breach any policies. Now, on Monday, it has announced the removal of misleading advertisements for HIV drugs after getting warnings from many LGBTQ agencies. As per a statement of a Facebook representative, the advertisements can no more run on Facebook. Even more, the company’s autonomous fact-checking sources will analyze the ads before releasing them over the platform. The executive noted, after an assessment, their independent fact-finding allies have found some ads that could misdirect people regarding the impact of Truvada. As a result, Facebook has removed controversial advertisements that will not appear on the platform again.

GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy firm, said while some of the ads cautioning of possible side effects of Truvada and other PrEPs have been eliminated, but others remain active. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD’s CEO and President, said eliminating select ads is a substantial step. She added now its Facebook’s turn to take action on other identical ads that target high-risk members of the community with misguiding and incorrect claims regarding HIV prevention and PrEP. Sarah said dozens of agencies had revealed Facebook that the reliability and effectiveness of PrEP to avoid HIV transmission is explicit.

On the other hand, HIV has infected over 1 million people across the US. It is a virus that results in likely fatal disease AIDS. Even more, around 40,000 new cases of HIV emerge every year. Whereas, a 2018 research has discovered that approximately 1.2 million people are suitable for HIV-preventive medication like PrEP. But only around a million people take the treatment. Thus, it is essential to raise awareness among people and stop ads that could mislead the community.

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