Face Masks Are Not Enough to Stay Away from Coronavirus, Experts Warn

by Helen Gonzales
Face Masks Are Not Enough to Stay Away from Coronavirus, Experts Warn

The lethal walk of the novel virus of coronavirus continues to claim thousands of lives across the globe. Meanwhile, the lack of face masks is increasing drastically. As a result, people are getting panic and rushing to pharmaceutical stores for buying sanitary wipes and masks. Even more, online stores have run out of stock. This soaring demand is pressing producers to open new facilities in an effort to stay on top. There has remained a conflicting recommendation worldwide about the obligation to wear a face mask. Nations like Thailand and Malaysia are recommending people to use hand sanitizers and masks in position. But here the matter of concern is whether those masks offer total security against coronavirus or COVID-19.

As per experts, the use of face masks is a misleading guideline. Meanwhile, the media in Singapore are full of headlines like do not use a mask if you are fine. Apart from this, some local experts are reiterating calls that the general public doesn’t have to wear face masks. Thus there are many things the general public probably does not know about masks. Notably, they are not the best measure to stop the virus from spreading. The mask is essential for people who are already revealing the symptoms of the illness and their caretakers.

The CDC noted it had not suggested fit people wear a facemask for protecting themselves from respiratory illnesses, including coronavirus. Rather, specialists warn that placing a face mask without an appropriate position and training could raise the risk. On Wednesday, Alex Azar, the secretary of Health and Human Services, said improper fitting of the mask could spoil everything. He added if one touches the face with untidy hands, it is the primary way the person could get the disease. Whereas, a person already coughing or revealing symptoms of probable coronavirus disease should wear a mask. In the beginning, COVID-19 could be symptomless or have extremely mild indications. The common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, shortness of breath, cough, vomiting, and nausea. Above all, experts recommend maintaining proper hygiene to prohibit the illness.

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