Excessive Doses of LSD Surprisingly Benefited Three Women, Case Study Reveals

by Helen Gonzales
Excessive Doses of LSD Surprisingly Benefited Three Women, Case Study Reveals

Usually, drug overdose could threaten the lives or result in fatalities. But massive doses of LSD have had benefited two ladies in a life-changing way. A woman, 46, inhaled a shocking 550 times the regular recreational dosage of LSD. She not only lived but also noticed a relief in the leg pain which she has had suffered from the age of 20 years. Apart from this, a girl, 15, who has bipolar disorder over-consumed ten times than the usual dose of the medicine. Notably, the overdose resulted in a substantial improvement in the mental health of the girl.

In the case of the 46-years-old lady, she had a Lyme disease in her twenties. Thus, she suffered from prolonged foot pain, which she cured with morphine. During the first 12 hours, she vomited and fainted frequently. Her roommate said, the next twelve hours, she sat primarily in a chair, and continued vomiting, but less frequently. Eventually, after the drug wore off, her foot pain wiped out. Their stories were presented in case reports released in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs in the previous month. Apart from the two instances mentioned above, another woman who has had incidentally overdosed LSD. At the time, the lady was in the second week of pregnancy and eventually delivered a healthy baby boy. Now, her son is eighteen-year-old and has not revealed any weakened development.

Researchers say the stories of these ladies remain remarkable. But those instances can assist in apprise the revival of research regarding the use of mind-altering ingredients. In the future, those compounds seem helpful to treat conditions like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), addiction, anxiety, and depression. The authors said no clinical study researches could be done with such high doses. They added, no publications are examining the positive results of huge quantities of LSD. As per the researchers, to comprehend the impacts of very large doses of psychedelics like LSD, a review of overdoses in real-life situations is essential.

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