Eating Red Meat Twice a Week Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Study Finds

by Helen Gonzales
Eating Red Meat Twice a Week Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Study Finds

A couple of novel researches released on Monday might push people to re-think their meat-eating habits. A trial has discovered that munching on red meat minimum twice a week imposes a slightly greater risk of heart disease and death. Besides this, the second trial reveals having a rich, plant-based diet could offer health benefits. In September 2019, a team of researchers stimulated disagreement with the illogical findings of their assessment on meat consumption. Their research, released in the Annals of Internal Medicine, revealed no compelling evidence that eating processed and red meat is not suitable for health. Due to this discovery, the researchers said people should maintain a course and never fear reducing meat consumption. Now, the trial published in the journal JAMA Medicine ties two meals of poultry or red meat every week to greater rates of cardiovascular disease or early death.

Besides this, the study does not include an assessment of the link between fish consumption and heart disease or death. As per the latest review, eating processed or unprocessed red might may raise the mortality risk by 3%. Well, it is a small figure, but it only covers two meals of meat per week. Victor Wenze Zhong, a nutritional epidemiologist at Cornell University, is the leading author of the study. He said the idea is that there is no openly safe way to eat red meat. Zhong noted their trial has not found a safe meat consumption quantity for unprocessed and processed red meat. As per the author, only zero intakes can result in no raised chances of premature death and heart disease.

Even more, the trial relies on eating habits of up to 30,000 people from former studies carried out between 1985-2002. Prof. Norrina Allen, a senior author of the study, said even a little change could be an upside. She added the minimal difference is worth making an effort to decrease meat and processed meat, including deli, bologna, and pepperoni meat. Zhong says eating habit is an adaptable aspect. Also. he contends that altering the amount of meat consumption could be a significant dietary approach that can lessen heart disease and early death.

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