Due to Measles Outbreak State of Emergency is declared in Rockland

by Helen Gonzales
Due to Measles Outbreak State of Emergency is declared in Rockland

A state of emergency has been declared in Rockland County because of an ongoing measles outbreak. It is announced that the minors who are not vaccinated will be barred from public places. With immediate effect, the ones who are under 18 years of age and yet unvaccinated against measles will not be allowed at places till they get the MMR vaccination or till the declaration expires, expectedly in 30 days.

The officials say that law enforcement won’t be asking anyone for vaccination records or patrolling the streets, but they will refer the case to the district attorney’s office if anyone is found violating the declaration. If children are found in violation of this state of emergency, their parents also will be held accountable for this, they may face fines and even jail at times. As per the officials, there aren’t any religious exemptions. The officials are working with the local people to encourage more and more people to get vaccinated.

As per the emergency declaration, any place which has more than 10 people at once is a public place. The purpose of gathering can be many, for instance, governmental, civic, religious, social, shopping, consumption of food or drinks, educational purpose, business meets, medical treatment, etc. At such places, a person affected with measles can infect many other people easily. At present, reports say that there are almost 153 confirmed cases in Rockland County.

Executive Ed Day, who made this announcement of emergency said that their inspectors are facing resistance from the people they are trying to protect from measles. People hung their phones or ask not to call back again. People are rude to them and ask not to come back for any investigations. Day says that such s response is irresponsible and unacceptable. It endangers the well-being and health of not only the infected ones but all others. It shows that people aren’t even concerned for other people in society. Day clarified that state of emergency has been declared not for arresting people but for educating the people against measles and prevent it.

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