Drinking Green Tea Will Make You Live Longer, Study Finds

by Stephen Riddle
Drinking Green Tea Will Make You Live Longer, Study Finds

Green tea has several proven health benefits, including weight loss and reduced chances of cancer. The China-originated tea also assists in enhancing the functionality of the brain. Now, an extensive study has discovered green tea consumption at least thrice a week assists in having a longer lifespan. Even more, it lessens the chances of having heart disease and stroke. Thus, in a study, released in the journal of the European Society of Cardiology, establishes a link between drinking green tea and longevity. Dr. Xinyan Wang, leading author of the study, said habitual green tea consumption has an association with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and overall mortality.

Whereas, researchers have not discovered the same link while experimented with other beverages like black tea. They suggest that some elements unique to green tea may impose a long-term beneficial impact on health. The study also indicates that drinking green tea lessens around 25% chances of having a heart stroke or disease. It even decreases the probability of lethal heart disease as well as all reasons for death. During the massive long-term trial, researchers have studied over 100,900 people involved in the China-PAR project2. Notably, the participants did not have had any record of stroke, attack, or cancer.

Researchers have had divided the candidates into two groups. One of the classes included regular tea drinkers who drink tea more than thrice a week. On the other hand, the second group consisted of non-habitual tea consumers who drink tea less than three times a week. Scientists have followed the participants for an average of seven years and three months. As a result, they have discovered that compared to occasional tea drinkers, habitual tea drinkers had a 20% less risk of events of heart-related diseases. Apart from this, there remained a 22% lesser risk of life-taking heart illness, including stroke. Above all, the study notes that green tea consumption results in a 15% decreased risk of all-cause fatality. The research states green tea is a vital source of polyphenols which offer protection against cardiovascular disease.

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