Doctors Recommend a Weight Loss Surgery for Chubby Chicks Kids

by Helen Gonzales
Doctors Recommend a Weight Loss Surgery for Chubby Chicks Kids

Nowadays, obesity has become a global concern. Consumption of high-fat fast food and sugary beverages are some of the components which contribute to the increasing number of overweight people. Even more, kids are also vulnerable to the latest epidemic of increased weight, which paves the way for many harmful diseases. Now pediatricians say weight-loss surgery can offer beneficial outcomes to children. Usually, it is a latter solution for gravely overweight people who have attempted weight loss for many years. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a set of instructions in this case. The directions rely on a trial of medical proof. It also includes various studies revealing that surgery in teens can lead to notable weight reduction affecting for many years.

AAP says more teens, including over-weight pre-teens, should be recommended for bariatric surgery. It is an operation on the intestine or stomach, which includes a shortening of the patient’s stomach to prevent over-eating. AAP has suggested the surgery because it has revealed positive outcomes in many cases. The effective-alternative of weight-loss has vanished many health issues, from patients, like high blood pressure and diabetes. The guideline notes, while most of the trials had teenage participants. But one of the studies included children having age less than 12 years, and it has revealed no adverse effects on development.

Dr. Sarah Armstrong, a pediatrics professor at Duke University, is the leading author of the policy. She said while lifestyle variations remain the crucial aspect of treatment, medical care is probably to transform the course for most children with severe obesity essentially. Dr. Sarah also noted that over the past ten years, studies have revealed that weight-loss surgery seems safe and useful for children and teens when implemented at top-notch facilities. According to the latest figures, there are 4.8 million American kids who are over-weight and have ages between 10-17 years.

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