Climate Change Can Injure and Kill Thousands of Americans, Study Finds

by Ernest Thomas
Climate Change Can Injure and Kill Thousands of Americans, Study Finds

Increasing emissions of greenhouse gases are contributing to rising temperatures of the planet. It is also affecting ocean temperature, which might result in devastating hazards like floods or drought. Even a study has revealed that oceans are warming at a higher pace than ever before. Another study has shown climate change could result in the death of over a thousand people across the US every year. Research published on Monday, in the journal Nature Medicine, reveals the lethal fact. The study noted a rise of temperature by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit would result in additional 1,600 injury deaths every year across the US. The study also indicated that most of the deaths, around 84%, would affect men.

During the trial, researchers have used data from the National Center for Health Statistics. They have analyzed lethal rates across the US over a period of more than three decades, from 1980 to 2017. Researchers have attempted to recognize the link between abnormal temperatures and death rates. They aimed to know whether abnormal temperatures, like extreme heat, affected unintended deaths from falls, transportation accidents, and drownings. Even more, intentional deaths include deaths from suicides and assaults. The authors of the study said they aim to estimate how deaths occur from various injuries in the US that have an impact on unusual temperatures. The researchers have noted that injuries and fatalities may become progressively common due to the transformation of the global climate.

As per the study, during the estimated period, over 4.1 million males and more than 1.8 million females have died from damage. Even more, over 95% of men and 94% of women, both having age over 15 years, have died due to injuries. Researchers have also noted that temperature irregularities soared between December and January, and they were smallest in August and September. The deviations gave remained greater in northern and central states as compared to southern and coastal areas. Study’s senior author Dr. Majid Ezzati said these estimations indicate the US would see more death cases as temperature increases. He added these new outcomes to reveal the impact of climate change on young people. The team noted it seems unclear whether there remain surges in deaths from increasing global temperatures initiated by climate change.

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