Chinese Government Confirmed Two Cases of Pneumonic Plague In China-Mongolia Border

by Helen Gonzales
Chinese Government Confirmed Two Cases of Pneumonic Plague in China-Mongolia Border

Reportedly, two people, in China, have been diagnosed with highly contagious, probably fatal pneumonic plague. As per the announcement of Chinese authorities, made on Tuesday, both patients are hospitalized in Beijing. Notably, it is not the first time of the emergence of the plague. Before this, in May, a couple from Mongolia had died due to bubonic plague. At the time, both had consumed raw kidney of marmot, which is a part of local folk medical treatment. This time, the two recent patients belong to the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. Currently, authorities have applied preventive measures to combat the disease.

Plague is a highly contagious disease that takes place due to bacteria. The illness can pass from flea bites as well as infected animals. Plague can develop in three types – bubonic plague, septicemic plague, and pneumonic plague. In the case of bubonic plague, swelling occurs in the patient’s lymph nodes. Secondly, septicemic plague contaminates or spreads infection in the blood. Whereas, pneumonic plague taints the blood. On the other hand, the form of Pneumonic the recent two Chinese patients have is extremely poisonous and destructive. Being a lung-based plague, the patient’s coughing, spitting, and sneezing can infect other people. Even more, the patient can die within a day due to bubonic plague.

According to the WHO, it is the most common type of plague diagnosed across the globe. Besides, it can be death-dealing if left untreated. Now, doctors in Beijing have confirmed the disease in two patients. As per the announcement of the Chinese government, both live in Xilingol League’s Sonid Left Banner, which is a league present in Inner Mongolia. The Chinese state officials had informed about the two plague cases to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to a representative of the WHO, the National Health Commission is working to control and treat the newly-diagnosed cases. The executive added, Chinese officials are testing other people who might have come in contact with the patients.

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