Thousands of Young Children in the US Are Not Vaccinated, Says Survey

by Stephen Riddle
Young Children in the US Are Not Vaccinated

A recently-published survey has revealed one of the most dangerous trends that can affect thousands of kids in the United States. This survey has found that a noticeable percentage of young kids are not vaccinated — not against any particular disease, but no disease at all. It means that the same thousands of kids are prone to a number of diseases, many of which have been wiped out from the population. Overall, 14 diseases are considered serious and vaccinations are recommended for the same. Around 100,000 kids in the US haven’t received vaccination for any of the fourteen diseases.

The report was created and released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As it goes without saying, the trend is quite harmful, although the number of non-vaccinated kids equates to around 30%. Even when 70% of the kids are vaccinated, the 30% cannot be ignored from the whole equation. As said earlier, health officials are quite worried about this development. CDC officials have said that the situation must be taken seriously and the trend should be reduced so that the kids of the United States are not vulnerable to various diseases out there.

There are multiple reasons why the kids are not being vaccinated properly, but the aforesaid survey had not asked the parents about this. A minority of the groups have not health insurance coverage, because of which the vaccination is not being done. At the same time, the anti-vaccination campaigns happening across the globe cannot be ignored. Some of these campaigns have misinformed parents about the so-called ‘impacts’ about vaccinations and say that vaccination would affect the overall health of the kids in the long run. In a related news, another survey by CDC has found that kindergarten children are mostly vaccinated, with the percentage at 95.

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