Cellphone-related Injuries On Rise in the U.S., Study Claims

by Helen Gonzales
Cellphone-related Injuries On Rise in the U.S., Study Claims

On one side, cellphones are becoming smarter, and on the other hand, they are becoming more dangerous for humans. Before this, the phones did not have had news alerts, social media, chat apps, etc. Thus there remained a lower risk of having facial damages due to the cellphones. Reportedly, there is a rise in the cases of injuries due to cell phones. So a day may rise when users will have to put down the mobile and go for the speaker. A study published in the JAMA Otolaryngology journal has discovered a strand in face damages due to cellphones. It also includes a case in which a woman broke her nose when it accidentally fell over the face. Even more, the study reveals the number of injuries continues to rise for the past ten years.

Dr. Boris Paskhover, a head and neck surgeon at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, is a leading author of the study. He said the phone had passed the journey from being a phone to become a mobile platform. Old-fashioned phones did not distract uses as much as the latest ones. People are tripping and cutting their eyelids. Dr. Boris has analyzed research data for up to two decades. The researchers had discovered a rise in causalities starting from 2006 when smartphones had actually entered the market.

The scientists have studied 76,000 people who had suffered cell phone-related injuries between the period 1998-2017. Notably, the clinical trial also includes cases gathered from ER visits from about 100 hospitals. The study reveals after the popularity of smartphones, around 2000 injuries took place annually up to 2006. The list of injuries due to cellphones includes fractures, bruises, and facial cuts. Well, most of the instances took place due to the carelessness of the users. The study concludes cell phone-related injuries to the head and neck have risen abruptly over a period of two decades. Even more, most of the damages are a result of distraction.

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