CDC Warns About Deer with Tuberculosis as Hunting Season Arrives

by Helen Gonzales
CDC Warns About Deer with Tuberculosis as Hunting Season Arrives

Deer season is on edge; people prefer hunting in this period. But beware, because the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is notifying about tuberculosis (TB) in deer. Officials have issued the notice citing a TB case in humans. A man probably has contracted to the lung-related disease, after dressing a deer. Officials surmise the bacteria might have transmitted from deer carcass while cutting it. Besides, the warning from the CDC reveals deer tainted with Tuberculosis can spread the disease to humans. The notice also originates from a previous case of tuberculosis in a man.

In 2017, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), found a case of pulmonary tuberculosis in a man,77. It is a disease which emerges due to the Mycobacterium Bovis. After a close analysis, officials had found that the older adult did not have a TB patient in his surroundings. But the man was a hunter who regularly hunted deer and field-dressed them. He had the practice for around two decades. Thus the probe had found that free-living deer in the region had an M. Bovis infection. Eventually, MDHHS officials have discovered a few other cases where a TB-infected animal passes the illness to humans. Even more, humans can inhale the bacteria while butchering a deer. But the officials note that the fact is unexplored yet.

Thus the CDC has warned hunters regarding deer hunting. Besides, it recommends hunters to use protective clothing while slaughtering the animal. Usually, M. Bovis is the bacteria liable for the emergence of Bovine tuberculosis. Notably, the bacteria are widely found in animals like deer, elk, bison as well as cattle. This type of TB can pass from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person to a healthy person. As per the CDC, officials have diagnosed two other cases of hunting-related illness more than a decade ago in Michigan. The health agency says at the time the patients had indications of active tuberculosis which needed medical treatment.

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