CDC Confirmed First Case of Wuhan Coronavirus in the US

by Helen Gonzales
CDC Confirmed First Case of Wuhan Coronavirus in the US

On Tuesday, American public health officials have announced the first case of coronavirus in the US. The mysterious virus has already infected hundreds of individuals in China. As per the CDC, officials have discovered a person affected by the virus. Reportedly, the person belongs to Washington States’ Snohomish County, who was coming back on 15th January from China. Officials have noted that the latest case of coronavirus in the US is a very healthy man in his 30s. Currently, they have kept the patient isolated at a medical facility in the state. According to the health officials, the man is out of caution state but postures slight risk to the public.

The CDC said last week; the man started suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms. After that, he visited local health experts. Nancy Messonnier, CDC’s director of the NCIRD, said they are taking the initiative at all stages. She added the CDC would work closely with the officials of the state health department on the details of this victim’s care. On the other hand, Chinese health officials have confirmed the death of nine people due to coronavirus on 21st January. Apart from this, local health officials have confirmed that the mysterious virus has affected over 400 cases. They also said that the ongoing epidemic has recalled memories of the 2003 outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Besides this, health officials have confirmed cases in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

The CDC officials have noted that there is little risk of spreading the disease across the US. From this weekend, Homeland Security and the CDC have started examining people traveling to main airports in New York and California from Wuhan China. On Tuesday, health officials also said they would begin testing people at other airports, including Atlanta and Chicago. Up to now, the executives have screened over 1,200 travelers. Nancy said the situation would get more clear within the upcoming days.

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