Cat Owners Might be Getting Prosecuted if they Force their Pet to be Vegan

by Helen Gonzales
Cat Owners Might be Getting Prosecuted if they Force their Pet to be Vegan

Sometimes having a cat is the sweetest thing you would ever want. It’s your cat who always tries to make you feel happy. But if you’re intentionally forcing your cat to eat veg, then there’s a chance that you might be prosecuted. Yes, you heard it right! Recently RSCA said that if an owner keeps feeding their cat a plant-based diet that might make their cat ill, then the owner will have to face severe court trial because of it. Currently, many food suppliers are promoting a veg diet for cats to sell out their stocks. Also now it has become a trend for cat owners to feed vegetables to their cat due to which RSCA has to stop this trend.

There are various strict clauses written in the Animal Welfare Act which states that a pet owner shall take care of his animal. And he needs to make sure that he provides everything to the cat whatever diet is required to survive her. It also states that an owner shall give only a healthy diet for their pets to maintain them fit. But in case the owner is not offering the necessary food which is required for the pet then the person might have to pay a penalty and in some severe cases, the owner might be jailed too. RSCA have observed that several pet owners are trying to impose their veg diet on their cats. And this way they’re harming their cats.

Cats are those animals that need a particular type of nutrition to fit, and such kind of food can only be found in meats. So if you’re a cat owner and willing your cat to become vegan then don’t try to impose it on your pet as you might get prosecuted.

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