Canadian Teen Developed Popcorn Lung Due to Vaping, Doctors Say

by Helen Gonzales
Canadian Teen Developed Popcorn Lung Due to Vaping, Doctors Say

As of today, the rapidly increasing vaping epidemic has affected thousands of people across the U.S. According to the CDC’s latest reports, announced on Thursday, 47 people have died due to vaping-related illness. Even more, the federal agency has reported more than 2,200 cases of vaping-related illness nationwide. On the other hand, before this, many studies have revealed a link between various lung-diseases and vaping. This time, researchers have discovered a new type of lung disease having a relationship with vaping e-cigarettes. A 17-year-old Canadian might be the first case of vaping-related damage named popcorn lung. The case report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) offers new proof on the newly-discovered vaping-related lung injury.

Notable, the health condition of the Canadian teenager is just months after the adoption of e-cigarettes. The youngster was hospitalized last year, after having difficulty breathing along with severe cough and fever. At the time, doctors had incorrectly diagnosed him with pneumonia, a type of lung infection. Doctors had prescribed antibiotics to the youngster. After some time, the condition didn’t change; instead, it got worse. Now, the teenager was feeling breathless, along with nausea and feeling fatigued. Later, doctors came to know that he started vaping excessively every day. Notably, the 17-year-old Canadian vaped a combination of flavored e-cigarette oils like cotton candy, green apple, purchased from some online store. He often admitted adding psychoactive agent in marijuana, i.e., THC, to the liquids.

The latest discovery of EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury), is like a popcorn lung. It is a lung condition mostly seen in workers who work in exposure to the chemical flavoring diacetyl. Manufacturers use diacetyl in microwave popcorns to provide a caramel- or butter-like flavor. But if a person inhales diacetyl, it results in bronchitis or popcorn lungs. In the case of the teenager, doctors diagnosed him with popcorn lungs after various screenings, including CT scans and X-rays. They have determined that vaping resulted in chemically burned airways in the patient. In the end, the team has offered comprehensive medical information on the level and type of damage, including medication, in the CMAJ report.

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