Blue Origin Takes Foot Step Towards Space Tourism Mission with 12th Space Flight

by Ernest Thomas
Blue Origin Takes Foot Step Towards Space Tourism Mission with 12th Space Flight

Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, has recently achieved a new feat in rocket launching. The company of Amazon’s billionaire founder has taken a footstep for future space missions with its New Shepard suborbital launch vehicle. Notably, Blue Origin has prepared the space vehicle for the upcoming human spaceflights. It is the sixth time; the aerospace company has used its booster. Also, the effort has made a record for Blue Origin for depending on and recovering one rocket stage after launch. Before this, Blue Origin has flown New Shepard, eight times, to deploy commercial payloads, and it is the 9th time. With every launch, the Jeff Bezos company is moving one step ahead to revealing the system’s efficiency for ferrying humans.

The rocket flew on Wednesday from a rural test site in Texas and raised over 60 miles in the upper layer of the atmosphere. As per scientists, the rocket moved across the edge that is broadly thought of as the boundary of space. This time, the launch included scientific equipment and payloads essential for research. Besides this, it consisted of materials utilized in academic studies. Apart from this, the payload included thousands of postcards. Reportedly, thousands of students worldwide have had written those letters to the Club for the Future. It is a non-profit agency founded by Blue Origin to offer educational assets regarding space to students and schools.

The test flight also marks the 12th crewless launch of New Shepard. Maybe it is the last one, as the company seems set to start ferrying people to space. Still, it remains unclear when the Jeff Bezos company will achieve the milestone to fly paying consumers. Blue Origin aims to carry paying space visitors atop New Shepard. It will also help stargazers and commercial astronauts to make the journey for experiments. Well, Blue Origin’s capsule can host up to six travelers at a time, and the New Shepard would carry it. The capsule also has large windows that will offer panoramic views to the passengers.

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