Blue Light Emitted by TVs and Smartphones May Make You Old Before Time, Scientists Say

by Ernest Thomas
Blue Light Emitted by TVs and Smartphones May Make You Old Before Time, Scientists Say

You might be aware of the fact that screens of TVs and smartphones emit blue light. In the day time, it is not harmful to watch the screen, but it may be dangerous at night. Before this, many studies have suggested avoiding watching TV at night, particularly in a dark room. It affects the body’s circadian rhythm, an internal process that manages the sleep-wake cycle. This time, it is something more harmful than that, which you will not like to be. The latest study reveals that increased exposure to the blue light radiated from phones and computers speeds up the aging process. Researchers from Oregon State University have conducted research which includes fruit flies as volunteers.

During the analysis, they had kept some adult flies in a loop of 12 hours direct to blue light exposure. After that, they continued the experiment by offering the loop of darkness for the subsequent 12 hours. To study the impact, the researchers had compared the flies to two other groups of flies. The first group included flies that had spent a day in complete darkness. Whereas, another group included flies that had a shower in light without blue wavelengths. An ordinary fruit fly already lives a short timespan in the best of conditions. But the exposure of the blue light had resulted in a much shorter lifespan of flies, compared to flies of other groups. Notably, the group exposed to the loop of blue light lived only half of the life. Even more, the radiation had affected flies’ brain and retina, due to which they were unable to rise.

Moving one step ahead, the scientists did the same trial on genetically engineered blind flies. The scientists had removed the eyes of flies completely. But the results didn’t change. Also, these flies were bad at climbing and died early. Even more, the tiny creatures had clear indications of a degenerated brain. Authors note the finding pinpoints that blue light not only damages the bio tissue of the retina, but it damages the brain also. Still, the researchers are unsure about the outcomes that could occur in humans.

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