Blood Vessels in Females Age Faster Than Males, Study Finds

by Helen Gonzales
Blood Vessels in Females Age Faster Than Males, Study Finds

Having normal blood pressure plays a crucial role in life. These days having blood pressure problems has become a global concern. Meanwhile, women are more likely to develop health concerns as their blood vessels mature at a faster pace than men. As a result, the aging of blood vessels places them at risk of developing heart disease. A new study, published on Wednesday in the journal JAMA Cardiology, has revealed the fact. Cardiologists at the Smidt Heart Institute, Los Angeles, have analyzed around 30,000 adults for nearly forty years. Results have shown that blood vessels in females physically worsen and become less effective at a faster pace than in males.

Susan Cheng, Smidt Heart Institute’s director of Public Heart Research, is a senior author of the study. She said many experts have long considered that women make it up to men when it comes to cardiovascular risk. Susan said their research not only validates that females have diverse physiology and biology than their male equivalents. Apart from this, the study reveals why women may be more vulnerable to emerging certain kinds of heart disease and at different stages of life. Before this, many studies have shown men are at a higher risk of hypertension, particularly at 50.

On the other hand, after the 50s, women are at a higher risk due to hormone changes initiated by the menopause. As a result of these changes, women gain weight, and blood pressure becomes more reactive to salt. Researchers say these are the two aspects that trigger complications in blood circulation. But the new research has offered completely contrary outcomes around the existing consensus surrounding heart health. It has also revealed rates of increasing blood pressure rise started before in females than males. Notably, the researchers have not compared the outcomes between sexes. Instead, they have equated females to females and males to males. The methodology has enabled them to find that the heart function of females starts to get worse more rapidly than men.

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