Blood Stem Cells Destroyed Due to Failure of Freezer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Apologizes

by Helen Gonzales
Blood Stem Cells Destroyed Due to Failure of Freezer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Apologizes

Stem cell therapies might assist in treating various diseases like type 1 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Thus many hospitals store stem cells obtained from blood and bone marrow. This news is about the storage of stem cells. Failure of a freezer, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), has wiped out blood stem cells of dozens of patients. The fleet also includes stem cells of a handful of people who are struggling with cancer. The hospital has expressed regrets while announcing the news on Wednesday. Even more, the facility has sent letters to all the families affected due to the freezer malfunction. Apart from this, the hospital has organized a phone line for patients to call if they have any queries. The statement noted that the incidence had not harmed the health of any child.

The hospital said, the blood stem cells, collected from patients, had remained in durable storage. They regularly gather stem cells from patients before a child undergoes oncology treatments like radiation or chemotherapy. In case they collect excess cells; the hospital stores them in the freezer, which may be helpful in some upcoming events. Dr. James Stein, CHLA’s Chief Medical Officer, said some temperature sensors of the freezer failed. Even more, the security measures placed in place were not enough. Thus, the system had failed, and they lost around 56 samples of blood stem cells.

Since the failure, the hospital has imposed executed various modifications like replacing the faulty freezer, updated alert and sensor monitoring system. Even more, the staff double-checks all power supply to the cold storage. One of the patients Sean Anderson Corona, has called the news painful and started to cry. Elizabeth, Sean’s mother, said her son went through a painful procedure to obtain the stem cells. She noted once you have undergone the entire process of doing all the medication, you have harmed your body.  Now the mother worries about the comeback of cancer in Sean’s body. Whereas Dr. James said, patients can undergo the collecting process again.

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