Further Expansion in the Recall of Blood Pressure Drugs

by Stephen Riddle
Blood Pressure Drugs

The US FDA has said that another medicine for the heart is getting recalled in a voluntary manner. This is after tests showed that the medicine was tainted with a chemical, having the potential to cause cancer. A company named Sandoz sells the medicine called losartan potassium hydrochlorothiazide, which the FDA has recalled. This voluntary recall just involves 100 mg/25 mg tablets. It does not take into account the other versions of the drug, which sometimes gets sold under the brand name Hyzaar. If anyone takes the losartan potassium of Sandoz, they should look on the bottle for the lot number. Now, if the lot carries the number JB8912, then the patient has with him or she recalled pills. These drugs are used to keep one’s high blood pressure under check.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the drug has got recalled due to the presence of the active ingredient, which has tested positive for N-Nitrosodimethylamine. This is a suspected human as well as an animal carcinogen, which is used in gasoline as a stabilizer for industrial materials and also as a lubricant additive. Zhejiang Hua Hai Pharmaceutical Company Ltd made this ingredient. The Chinese company was put on an import alert by the FDA at the end of September. An inspection of the facility carried out by FDA actually led to the decision. A number of pills even contain Valsartan. This is another drug, which gets used by heart patients and they have also been under a recall since the month of July. The drugs were contaminated with NDEA, N-Nitrosodimethylamine. The US Environmental Protection Agency considers this as a possible carcinogen.

The FDA is also carrying out tests on all heart drugs known as ARBs for these impurities. It is not that all the medicines, which carry valsartan in them, are recalled. The Administration has a current list of products, which are recalled and also a list of valsartan products, which have not been recalled. As per the FDA, the latest recall has impacted less than 1% of the total products of losartan drug all over the US market. They have even said that the administration will keep on testing out all those products, which contain valsartan and other similar kinds of drugs for the presence of impurities.

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