Beware of Pimples on Your Skin It Might Be a Sign of Skin Cancer

by Helen Gonzales
Beware of Pimples on Your Skin It Might Be a Sign of Skin Cancer

In today’s world, it is challenging to maintain healthy skin as it has many enemies. Dust, heat, pollution, and excessive exposure to sunlight are some of the notable aspects that affect the skin. Adding to that, pimple and acne may take place on various body parts like face, arms, chest, and back. Besides, pimples have become a common skin problem in both men and women. Sometimes, these red, pus-filled bumps might be a sign of severe infections; maybe cancer. Today’s story is an example which signifies the danger of a pimple. Traci French, a woman in California, had a persistent pimple which later transformed into something scarier.

The spot first came up around five years ago, but it kept re-appearing occasionally. It often turned into dry skin. Sometimes it would get a little red and seem like an emerging pimple followed by its departure. The spot eventually turned into dry skin. In and out of pimple had concerned Traci, 50. She went to Dr. Shirley Chi, a dermatologist, for diagnosis. After analyzing the women’s face, Dr. Chi had advised her to wait for some weeks to see if it would wipe out. After some months, the spot persisted on the same place, i.e., above lips. At the time, Dr. Chi cut a sample for testing.

The biopsy reports revealed the stubborn spot was squamous cell carcinoma, a fatal type of skin cancer. It is a common type of cancer which may take place in the skin, which has excessive exposure to sunlight. Common symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma are thick red scaly spot, fast-growing bump that seems like a non-healed sore. While Traci said, she used to play sports like soccer at a young age. At the time, she used to apply sunscreen, but not always on her face. After diagnosing skin cancer, Dr. Chi suggested surgery to cut off the affected region above Traci’s lips. Since the surgery, she is living cancer-free. Now she wants to warn other people about protecting their skin. One can avoid skin cancers by lessening sun exposure, applying sunscreens, wearing goggles and hat along with sun defensive outfits.

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