Become a Contributor

by Harold

Hello! We are happy to see you here as a contributor at Here is the golden chance to work with us and explore your capabilities in skillful writing. We aim to offer top-notch content, and thus we are always in search of emerging writers. The writers who believe in the power of writing and rock the place with their scripts are most welcome. is concerned with the presentation of trending and current news bulletins. We are looking for the people from all levels let it be fresher or professionals, it is because we believe in top-quality content designed with the frills of experience. So, it will be great to have smart brains at our site. has its aspects and strategies which are to be strictly followed by the contributors. Firstly, you should be able to find accurate news sources and write unique content. Secondly, the content should be short but comprehensive. The article should be scripted in a readable form, and primarily focused on facts. The most important aspect of the news article, it must not be a copy of some other article, i.e., it must be a non-plagiarized article. Additionally, contributors are free to use tools to enhance their content. For example, they may use “Grammarly” tool to correct grammatical mistakes and improve the content quality. All in all, contributors at are required to follow some instructions which are mention below.

1) The word limit of news content is 350 words; the limit may be exceeded up to 400 or more words. The word count may be exceeded only if the content is not covered in the given word limit.

2) The news should be from reliable and truthful news sources.

3) A non-copied and non-plagiarized content is expected.

4) Content must be evenly distributed in 3-4 paragraphs and must be well-organized.

5) Readability should be maintained in the content of the article.

Contributors are recommended to depend upon real sources of the individual fields. Stories with no factual accuracy won’t be published by, because it might trouble the legitimacy of the website.