Because of Too Much Noise at the Hospital Patients are Discharging Themselves

by Helen Gonzales
Because of Too Much Noise at the Hospital Patients are Discharging Themselves

Sometimes we get frustrated because we hear some irritating noise, which makes us angry, but according to the recent medical study it has been found that patients are discharging themselves due to too much noise in the hospital. According to researchers, more than 1 out of 10 patients are becoming the victim of noise pollution, which is happening at the hospitals across the country, and some patients are getting that much annoyed they are trying to discharge themselves even when they are not well. As per medical researchers, those patients who left the hospital because of the noisy environment are returning with more severe problems.

According to the report, there are certain things because of which noise pollution is increasing in the hospitals and most of them include noise created by the high technology equipment, high volume alarms, rattling trolleys, and conversations between the staff in the hospitals at night. While these problems do not seem severe to the ordinary people, but according to a medical researcher, that are somehow the reasons why patients are trying to discharge themselves from the hospital. It has been found that the noise levels even at the intensive care units are also not good for patients and that is the reason most of them are getting irritated quickly.

After asking some patients, they said they were feeling trapped and stressed at the hospital environment, which was making them mentally ill and according to some doctors these problems are not going to get lesser unless we as a society do something regarding noise pollution. Since the rapid growth of the technology is making this problem worse only but this recent research can be an eye-opening to doctors and authorities who can take more initiatives to lessen the noise pollution.

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