Around 6.4 Millions of People Have Googled CBD in a Month, Study Finds

by Stephen Riddle
Around 6.4 Millions of People Have Googled CBD in a Month, Study Finds

CBD has become a trend that is attracting more people day by day. It has gained popularity since the Trump administration permitted hemp farming for medicinal use. CBD or Cannabidiol is the derivative of the famous hemp plant. Currently, it has gained prominence as a remedy for just about any condition. Even more, a new study, published on Wednesday, has revealed that the public’s curiosity about the non-intoxicating extract of marijuana. Researchers from the new University of California, San Diego, have conducted the study. They have discovered that Google search queries for the term “CBD or cannabidiol”, in the US, soared by 125% in 2017. Even more, the percentage has risen to 160% during the last year.

The scientists have compared the increased number of CBD search queries with other medical terms like vaccination, meditation, and acupuncture. They have discovered that users have queried for CBD 1.6 times more than vaccination, 3.4 times more than meditation, and 7.4 times more than acupuncture. Notably, in the last month of data collection, April, a record of 6.4 million CBD queries across the US has been recorded. Even more, the study has estimated that the rate will soar 180% more during the current year.

On the other hand, CBD or cannabidiol products, including oils and edibles, have gained more popularity across the U.S. Even more, the regulation has spread across 33 states for medical purposes. Apart from this, 11 states have accepted the element for recreational use. It is available at medical stores, pharmacies, and dispensaries. Even cafes have arisen to sell CBD; they are marketing it for almost everything from pimples to anxiety and period pains. In practice, the FDA has permitted CBD use for seizures. But authors of the study have compared the product with snake oil. Dr. John Ayers, the study’s co-author, said CBD has become incredibly popular. He noted before three years, no one was searching online for CBD, but now around 6.4 million people uniquely search for the term every month. The team has published its findings in JAMA Network Open.

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