An Employee at Amazon’s Seattle Office Diagnosed with Coronavirus

by Helen Gonzales
An Employee at Amazon’s Seattle Office Diagnosed with Coronavirus

On Tuesday, Amazon said one of its employees at the Seattle office has tested positive for the novel strain of coronavirus. The e-commerce giant noted they are assisting the affected worker who is in isolation. As per an internal notice sent to Amazon employees, currently, the company has based out the patent out of its SEA53 (Brazil) building. The person went home, on Tuesday (25th Feb.), because of feeling ill. Since then, the employee has not returned to the Amazon facility. Even more, Amazon has notified the employees who have had worked or remained in close relation with the person affected with coronavirus. The notification also instructs workers who are experiencing indications to stay at home and look for medical assistance. Amazon’s message noted employee health is their top priority, and they are continuing with sanitization and enriched deep cleaning.

Amazon has over fifty thousand workers in Seattle, and it has over 275,000 full-time employees across the US. At the beginning of the current week, Amazon confirmed two cases of coronavirus at its Italy office. At the time, the company also confirmed that those employees were in quarantine. Besides, Amazon has already requested that its workforce stop unnecessary travel within the US and somewhere else. It has become one of the first American companies to repress on employee travel because of the epidemic. Another matter of concern for Amazon is it has to deal with misinformation and excessively high prices on its marketplace because of the ongoing outbreak.

So far, all nine coronavirus deaths across the US have occurred in Washington. There is an ongoing epidemic of the virus near Kirkland, Washington. Reportedly, the virus has spread among people residing in a nursing facility. Health officials have noted that the total number of cases was 18 on Monday. But on Tuesday, they have confirmed 27 cases across the US. Executives said currently, over 230 people are under their observation.

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