An Australian Woman Would Have Died Because of Using Cotton Buds for Cleaning Ears

by Helen Gonzales
An Australian Woman Would Have Died Because of Using Cotton Bud for Cleaning Ears

A woman in Australia had a horrible brush followed by death after using a mere cotton bud. Keeping yourself hygienic and clean is a good thing. One of the first benefits of maintaining good hygiene is it offers better health. Cleaning ears regularly is one of the habits to regulate body hygiene. Sometimes people prefer cotton swabs to clean their ears. Health experts say those earbuds may seem gentle, but they can harm ears while cleaning. There are many mishaps of using cotton swabs. Here’s a story which reveals the dark side of using a cotton bud for cleaning ears. As noted above, an Australian woman had used a cotton swab, which had eventually led to a bacterial infection. Even more, the bacteria fed on her skull.

The whole thing started with a habit. Jasmine, a 37-year-old mom, had a habit of cleaning ears every night. She used a cotton bud to remove excess wax and remains from her ear canals. Jasmine often experienced occasional pain along with a runny nose. But last year, she started experiencing deafness. Jasmine, a mother of two children, could hardly hear her kids. Finally, she decided to visit a doctor and booked an appointment. The health practitioner gave her antibiotics, citing it as an ear infection. She also continued her daily routine of using cotton swabs along with the treatment. But things didn’t change. The lady noticed a brown-colored discharge on the tip of the cotton bud. After that, blood started appearing on the swabs.

Jasmine had rushed to another doctor, who asked her to undergo a hearing test. Notably, the reports revealed deafness in her left ear. The doctor recommended her to visit an ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) specialist. Jasmine says the results of the CT scan had surprised her. The specialist notified her about a severe bacterial infection, which was eating through Jasmine’s skull. As a result, she had to undergo surgery to remove the virus. Without the operation, the bacteria would have spread and eat into her brain. The specialist often told Jasmine that she could die due to the infection in the skull.

In the end, it took a long, five-hour operation, to take out the infected tissue. Surgeons have also re-designed her ear canal. After the surgery, doctors had revealed the cotton fibers that remained in Jasmine’s ear and become infected. Now surgeons have wiped out the infection and saved Jasmine’s life. But she has lost the potential of hearing. So it is better not to put anything in ears, as it may result in fatal conditions.

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