An Active Ingredient in Magic Mushrooms Could Soon Treat Depression, Study Finds

by Ernest Thomas
An Active Ingredient in Magic Mushrooms Could Soon Treat Depression, Study Finds

There exist various therapies and medications to treat depression. Scientists have discovered a new dish in the fleet of depression cures. Well, it is nothing but a Magic mushroom. Currently, it is one step away from becoming a medication for depression. Researchers from King’s College London have discovered a chemical inside magic mushrooms, which is safe for healthy people. Psychedelic mushrooms or Magic mushrooms consist of an active agent. As per the latest British study, the compound could be securely used for curing depression, where other drugs have offered disappointing results.

Thus, Magic mushrooms are providing hope to millions of people across the globe. During the trial, the researchers have tested psilocybin to 89 healthy adult participants. They have equated the impact of two doses, i.e., 10 mg and 25 mg, of psilocybin, and a placebo. Reportedly, the recipients of psilocybin have not reported severe adverse events or effects. Instead, the compound has transformed sensory perception along with a positive mood alteration. Scientists have used laboratory-developed psilocybin, not the one extracted initially from magic mushrooms. Dr. James Rucker is the leading scientist of the trial and calls it the largest clinical trial to date. He added the outcomes of the test are medically hopeful.

Dr. James said they support the creation of psilocybin for patients having treatment-resistant depression or other mental health conditions. Scientists are now organizing another clinical trial for testing psilocybin. Notably, the research will focus on patients who have severe forms of depression. Over 200 people in North America and Europe undergoing treatment-resistant depression will participate in the second stage of the trial. Maybe, we will get the results in 2021. Still, there is a need for larger placebo-controlled trials to prove the safety and effectiveness of the drug. The team has presented outcomes of the current trial at the annual conference of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology in Orlando.

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