America’s Efforts to Test Coronavirus Patients Are Slowing Down Amid Rapidly Spreading Outbreak

by Helen Gonzales
America’s Efforts to Test Coronavirus Patients Are Slowing Down Amid Rapidly Spreading Outbreak

Despite persistent promises from Trump’s government, coronavirus screening in the U.S. seems to be happening with a noticeable lack of an emergency. A recent analysis has revealed that states in the U.S. are usually screening less than 100 people every day. On the other hand, the U.S. CDC has had tested not more than 100 people overall at the beginning of this week. According to a trade group working on behalf of such facilities, a single private lab is conducting tests. The government has continuously said that private businesses would play a key role in ensuring that all Americans requiring a coronavirus test will get one.

On Thursday, a top federal executive said the U.S. falls behind in coronavirus screening. Public health executives say still they do not have a better understanding of how far the novel coronavirus has spread. Originally, the effort was staggered because of delays in obtaining diagnosis kits at public health laboratories. But the stumbles continue to happed, resulting researchers to determine that the virus has affected more people than the federal officials are disclosing. NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci has agreed that the U.S. requires to enhance its screening. He added the existing system does not fulfill what they need at present. Dr. Fauci also admitted that coronavirus testing is failing. Extensive testing plays a crucial role in controlling the spread of viral disease and allotting facilities for treatment. The shortage of complete figures means American health providers could rapidly be astounded by undiagnosed cases.

As per experts, the concerning aspect is the state is merely not screening enough people. So far, the federal government has not offered official numbers on America’s inclusive screening potential. Stephen Redd, head of the CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, said overall, the CDC has had tested 1,784 people. As per the CDC representative, they have had tested 1,707 people as of Sunday. It also means that, as of Wednesday, the agency has screened only 77 people for the coronavirus from Sunday. A federal official has noted that the government is functioning to arrange a system to syndicate government screening figures with those present at external laboratories.

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