Alcohol-Related Deaths Doubled in US, Study Warns

by Helen Gonzales
Alcohol-Related Deaths Doubled in US, Study Warns

Alcohol consumption, indeed, has become a trend in people of almost all age groups. Well, the case is not different in the US; people are drinking more and more, which is driving them towards death. As per the latest study, alcohol consumption is accountable for the death of approximately 72,000 people in 2017. Notably, the people who died due to alcohol consumption belong to the age group of more than 16 years. The research, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, depends on data from death certificates. Researchers have discovered that around 1 million alcohol-related deaths, over the age of 16, have been recorded across the US from 1999 to 2017.

As per the research, in 1999, there were up to 36,000 such fatalities. At the time, the drinking-related death rate remained 16.9% among 100,000 people every year for a period of 16 years. Later, in 2017, the number has had risen to over 72,500 deaths. The study reveals, in 2017, the death rate remained 25.5% mortalities per 100,000 people. Above all, the researchers have discovered that men died at a greater pace than women. But while estimating a yearly rise in deaths, they have had noticed increased mortality of white women. Aaron White, the author of the study, said the increase in alcohol consumption of women has resulted in harmful conditions like hospitalization, ER visits, or deaths.

The research highlights that in 2017, alcohol turned out to be more deadly than illegal medications, like opioids. According to the CDC, in 2017, around 70,000 people have had died due to drug overdose. On the other hand, alcohol-related overdoses, including or excluding drugs, soared between 1999 to 2017. Apart from this, other causes of death related to alcohol include cancer, heart disease, and accidental damages like falls. The study notes there is a decline in the number of deaths due to drunken driving. Well, there is no single reason behind the tendency of drinking or a reliable mean for convincing people not to drink.

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