A Robot is Assisting American Doctors for Treating Coronavirus Patient

by Ernest Thomas
A Robot is Assisting American Doctors for Treating Coronavirus Patient

Doctors in the U.S. are taking additional safety measures while monitoring and treating 2019-nCoV. In the last month, the virus emerged in Wuhan, China, and currently, it is spreading across various countries. According to Chinese researchers, the strain belongs to the coronavirus family, which includes fatal viruses like SARS. Meanwhile, the US health officials have announced that Wuhan coronavirus has trapped five people nationwide. To stop the dispersal of coronavirus within and beyond the facility, doctors at Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett, are relying on a robot. The mechanical device can assess the vitals of the patient. Also, it acts as a medium for video conferencing.

Reportedly, the robot has treated the first person spotted with coronavirus. Dr. George Diaz, chief of the infectious disease division at the facility, said the humanoid, armed with a stethoscope, is assisting doctors. The robot is a bit more than a platform on wheels; it has an inbuilt screen. The robot doctor also sports a stethoscope, like an actual doctor. But sometimes nurses require to enter the isolated room in order to relocate its camera. The hospital has upgraded its robotic isolation system in answer to a previous Ebola epidemic that took place between 2014-2016. Even more, around 15 days ago, the facility has tested its protocol for curing patients with highly infectious diseases like MERS and Ebola. Dr. Diaz noted that is the man is the first patient admitted to the special pathogen cell of the facility.

While treating the patient in a 20ft by 20ft room, Dr. Diaz sat at the outer side of a window. From there, he used to operate the robot. Currently, the coronavirus infected man is in good condition, but it is unclear when doctors will release the patient. Meanwhile, the CDC has suggested additional screenings of the patient. Dr. Diaz noted they are seeking for the current existence of the virus. Even more, they are looking ahead to see when the patient is no more infectious.

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