A New Type of Drug Could Relieve Migraine Pain Within Two Hours of Consumption

by Stephen Riddle
A New Type of Drug Could Relieve Migraine Pain Within Two Hours of Consumption

A newly-discovered class of drugs to cure migraines has revealed promising results in an extensive clinical trial. The outcomes have raised a new ray of hope for people who are unable to use existing treatment options. A large-scale medical study pinpoints this oral medication work safely than other cures. As per the trial, ubrogepant has soothed migraine ache within 60 minutes for one-fifth of patients. Even more, the drug has reduced irritating symptoms, like sensitivity to smell, noise, and light, in 34% of victims.

The currently available group of migraine-treating drugs results in the contraction of blood vessels. But these are not considered safe for heart patients or people vulnerable to a stroke or heart attack. Scientists say the drug could mark a significant difference for those patients, who are eagerly waiting for a promising drug. The pill chokes protein in the nervous system liable for pain signaling and lessening any anxiety.

The Montefiore Headache Center in New York has conducted a large-scale clinical trial, which included around 1,700 patients. Besides, it has published the outcomes in the medical journal JAMA. Among the total participants, some had gained a placebo, while some had either a 25mg or 50mg pill of ubrogepant. But scientists have disclosed that the latest drug, ubrogepant, is not as effective as Triptans, regular treatment for terrible migraine attacks. It is because Triptans have revealed response rates varying from 40%-75%. But, as noted above, the medication is not eligible for patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, ubrogepant lies in a group of prescriptions called CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide). The trigeminal nerve in the brain releases the protein, CGRP, liable for the diffusion of pain. The study’s leading author, Dr. Richard Lipton, noted levels of CGRP increase during a migraine attack. Currently, the medicine ubrogepant, manufactured by company Allergan, is yet to gain approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. Even more, the company aims to obtain a license for marketing this medicine in Asia and Europe.

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