A New Study Denies the Existence of Egg Stem Cells

by Ernest Thomas

The human reproductive system includes several processes. Ovaries manage the production of sex hormones and undergo structural transformations every month for releasing mature egg cells. Apart from this, the cortex, the exterior lining of the ovary, plays a significant role in a woman’s fertility. Notably, the cortex protects the ovarian reserve. Before this, researchers have had theorized the existence of so-called oogonial stem cells in the cortex. As per scientists, it is possible to capture those stem cells using DDX4 antibody isolation. Now, a new trial has attempted to discover the existence of hotly debated purported egg stem cells.

Scientists from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet have assessed all types of cells present in the ovary of the human body. The team has discovered that hotly argued egg stem cells do not exist. The outcomes, released in the journal Nature Communications, have paved the way for research on the finest means of treating involuntary infertility. The scientists have used single-cell estimation to assess over 24,000 cells gathered from ovarian cortex specimens of 21 females. They have studied cells gathered from the ovarian medulla. The effort has enabled the researchers to offer an overall cell chart of ovaries of humans.

Throughout the trial, the researchers have had aimed to determine whether egg stem cells exist or not. Fredrik Lanner, a researcher at Karolinska Institutet, is a co-author of the study. He said, before this, some trials have claimed the absence of such cells, while some reveal the opposite. Fredrik noted thus, the existence of egg stem cells remains controversial. Scientists say the stem cells have different properties as that of other cells. So the matter of concern is whether the presence of such cells influences fertility issues and treatment. Another co-author of the study, Pauliina Damdimopoulou, says involuntary infertility and female productivity are vast fields of research. It has been a disputable matter, including the analysis of investigational fertility treatments.

The latest study validates formerly reported outcomes from animal findings. In other words, the trial has denied the existence of egg stem cells. Damdimopoulou said the latest all-inclusive map of ovarian cells could assist in the development of better-quality approaches of curing female infertility. She said the lack of information regarding the appearance of a normal ovary seems like it has restrained developments. The trial has set the ground to develop novel approaches that concentrate on the egg cells that already be present in the ovary. All in all, the outcomes of the latest study reveals that human ovaries comprise of various cells. Also, egg cells, immune cells, granulosa cells, perivascular cells, endothelial cells, and stromal cells are the main cells.

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