A Man Swallowed Dentures During Surgery Which Remained in His Throat for Eight Days

by Stephen Riddle
A Man Swallowed Dentures During Surgery Which Remained in His Throat for Eight Days

Our milk teeth fall, and new teeth take their place. Sometimes, teeth often fall at old age, or it seems essential to remove them. In case, a person does not have any teeth; doctors recommend to use false teeth or say dentures. Those are implants which replace missing teeth. But using false teeth requires a lot of precautions. An older adult having false teeth has got them stuck in his throat. A story in the British Medical Journal has reported the case of an older man who forgot to remove dentures before surgery. As a result, the false teeth got jam in his throat and remained hidden for eight days.

The 72-year-old man was undergoing an operation to remove a harmless lump present on the stomach wall. Before the surgery, the team of surgeons side-stepped to take out his false teeth. The patient surmised he had lost dentures, including a metal roof plate and three false teeth, during the time at the hospital. The anonymous man visited the hospital around six days after surgery. At the time, he had a problem in swallowing along with pain. He also had blood in the mouth. During the man’s first visit to the ER, doctors were unable to figure out the problem. Doctors were unaware of the condition and sent the retired electrician to home with few antibiotics and mouthwash.

After a couple of days, the man revisited emergency room having damaging and increased symptoms. Once again, the older man was admitted to the hospital with alleged a severe infection in the chest. After undergoing certain tests, reports had revealed stuck dentures in his vocal cords. In the end, it required emergency surgery to settle down the problem. Following the latest surgery, the elderly remained in the hospital for a further six days. Doctors surmise the older adult might have swallowed the dental implant during operation. Harriet Cunniffe, study’s leading author, recommends surgeons to make sure that they have removed dentures from patients before surgery.

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