A 10-Year-Old Texas Girl Fighting for Life After Contracting Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba

by Helen Gonzales
A 10-Year-Old Texas Girl Fighting for Life After Contracting Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba

A ten-year-old girl in Texas is struggling for her life after spending a day swimming in river water. Reportedly, a fatal brain-eating amoeba has infected the youngster who swam in the Brazos River. Lily Avant’s family had admitted her into the hospital, where she went in a coma state. At the first stage, she had a headache along with fever. After that, her condition got worse, and eventually, she went into a coma. Doctors have diagnosed that the youngster has contracted Naegleria fowleri, a parasite, due to swimming in the water source. Lily’s father John Crawson said they hope they could have got her in time. He calls Lily as a fighter. Even more, John refers to his daughter as the strongest girl he has ever seen.

Naegleria fowleri is an amoeba which leads to a severe infection in the brain. It often results in the destruction of death of tissues and cells. Notably, in primary stages, the virus may reveal symptoms the same as bacterial meningitis. If a person, by mistake, swallows the amoeba, it does not harm or cause illness. On the other hand, if the amoeba enters into the body through the nose, it causes fatal disease.

As per one of the relatives of Lily, the water source is present in the backyard of the kid’s house. The toddler used to swim there daily. Even more, the day when Lily swam in that water, there were 40 people in with her. Many people think that flowing water is safe, but it is not the case. At the moment, the fatal brain-eating amoeba has contracted Lily’s body. Even doctors have tired-out their resources. Still, the youngster is strong and fighting with the disease. Her father says they are waiting for a god’s miracle to heal their child. Her condition is stable now, but she is in the ICU. John noted they need a lot of prayers to save Lily’s life.

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