5th Annual Targeted Protein Degradation Summit

by Stephen Riddle

The 5th Annual Targeted Protein Degradation Summit returns to Boston as the most comprehensive, definitive event of the year, uniting 700+ large pharma, innovative biotech and world-renowned academics to discuss the full breadth of protein degrader drug development.

With 85+ world-class speakers delivering their latest findings, join them for 4 days of cutting-edge science, ample networking opportunities and a plethora of interactive sessions to fuel you and your team towards achieving your 2022/2023 milestones.

Additional to the 2 main conference days, you can expect:

9 Workshops – Delve deeper into tissue specific degradation, species selection strategies to accurately monitor efficacy and safety in pre-clinical studies, review combination therapies for improved therapeutic outcomes, understand opportunities for targeting mitochondria in neurodegeneration and more!

101 Bootcamp Day – Learn the important foundations of the field, preparing you for discussions that lie in the deeper-dive days ahead!

Post-Conference Focus Day – With lots of exciting new strategies emerging with investment pouring in, it can be tough to keep up with the latest developments. Join this day to gain an update on the next generation degradation and stabilisation strategies including AbTACs, DUBTACs, bioPROTACs, ATACs, RESTORACs and more!

This is your premium opportunity to catch up on the most pertinent translational, clinical, and discovery progress from the key labs globally.

Access the 4-day agenda here.

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