5 Situations That Prompt Patients to Engage in Social Health

by Stephen Riddle

Nothing quite compares to the level of solace patients find in connecting with others who share similar health experiences. These interactions have become so fundamental to people living with chronic conditions that a recent Health Union survey of 2,371 patients revealed 95% use online social resources for health reasons.

In 2022, social health – the dynamic, real-time actions people take to find meaningful connections and share information throughout the health journey – is more relevant than ever. When properly executed, social health interactions can be leveraged to create a mutually beneficial impact for both patients and pharma.

To expertly engage patients, it’s important to understand in which circumstances social health is being utilized. Integrating into existing, authentic social interactions creates opportunities for pharma to drive action in the moments that matter most.

Health Union research found that social health engagement and interactions occur most often when the patients surveyed faced five situations.

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