4th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit

by Stephen Riddle

For decades, RAS has existed as an elusive therapeutic target, and drugging this high-value oncogene was deemed impossible. Despite this, the first-ever FDA-approved KRAS G12C inhibitor has demonstrated that RAS is in fact druggable and that drugging this protein unlocks a world of successful therapeutic interventions. Now, the future looks bright for treating patients with cancers harboring the RAS mutation.

The 4th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit returns as the definitive industry dedicated forum for the whole community of individuals committed to targeting RAS. Bigger and better than ever before, we will unite 300+ experts to showcase 3-days of exclusive, never shared before data as we delve into accelerating discovery and emerging strategiesoptimizing translation and pre-clinical development, and advancing the landscape of clinical trials for combinations and monotherapies.

With mounting success in targeted RAS drugs, leading frontiers and experts must unite and continue accelerating the applications of this therapeutic for patients in need.  Through novel data, expert insight, and exclusive discussions with global leaders, we will facilitate vital learnings to progress RAS therapeutics to drug all-mutations from G12CG12D, and G12V. Continuing to advance valuable combination therapies into the clinic, and finally, crack resistance to RAS targeted therapeutics.

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